Cosmic Dust - Soup Bowl

Enamel Soup Bowl
55.00 ₺ 70.00 ₺


If we are all part of stardust, why shouldn’t our enamelware be? This new collection, made with organic paint, was inspired by the phenomenal view of the cosmic dust clouds in outer space. Each of its pieces was created by sprinkling dust paints and mixing them similar to the styles seen in traditional Turkish paper marbling (“Ebru”) art. They stand to be the stars in your presentations. 



- Can be used outdoors in picnics, on the beach or anywhere you’d like
- Can take falls and hits
- The colors and illustrations wont fade – they’ve been heated up to 800 °C


- Only natural raw materials
- Non-toxic paints
- 100% recyclable


- Can be washed in dishwasher without harm to color or design
- Can be put in the freezer or oven up to 250 °C
- Suitable for induction and normal oven cooking
- Heats up quickly and keeps warmth
- Keeps cold drinks and food cold


- Handcrafted by artisans
- Each product is handmade uniquely


- Not recommended for microwave
- Do not touch when hot!